In this role, you will strengthen Clientjoy’s organic growth across new and existing markets. You’ll be responsible for strategizing & scaling our organic traffic, which ultimately translates into an increase in signups. You’ll work closely with the Marketing team and collaborate with Engineering teams to execute the best SEO practices.

Skills Required:

How does your day 1 look like?

How does your first month look like?

How do your first 3 months look like?

How do your first 6 months look like?

<aside> 💡 Company culture


Make a dent in the universe

You’ll help accelerate & uplift millions of Small & Medium businesses across the world. You’ll help “make a dent in the universe,” as Steve Jobs said

Amazing Team Trips

A team that gets together, stays together

Your Work Does the Talking

Unlike many other work environments, superficial stuff such as your stature, clothes or car has zero impact on our perception of you. We judge you on your results alone

Multicultural Atmosphere

Work with the best from all over India, and get input from different cultures and mindsets

Great Gender Balance

We take gender equality seriously. Our team currently has a gender balance of 40:60 female-to-male ratio

Long-Term Vision, Short-Term Execution

Your work will have a long-term focus. The luxury of long-term thinking is possible because we also love short-term execution. Simply put, we get stuff done

State-of-the-Art Collaboration Tools

You’ll use state-of-the-art tools to facilitate smooth and enjoyable teamwork with your colleagues

Ambitious Colleagues

You’ll have colleagues with incredible ambitions and intelligence—but without the elbows. That’s because we only work with teammates who combine professional ambitions with the ability to work in a team

Introverts are Welcome, Too

You’ll join a result-oriented, diversity-focused company. You’ll thrive if you’re an introvert—just like your extroverted colleagues also do

Zero Bureaucracy

You’ll have absolutely zero bureaucracy and the power to make your own decisions and hold expenses

A Refined Design Process

We continually re-design and re-invent our organization and platform through a solid in-house process—mixing agile and user-centered architecture

<aside> 💡 Profile Highlights ( You have a 99% chance to get the role if you are the following ➖


  1. 6+ Years of SEO experience
  2. Hands-on with all the SEO activities ( On-page/Off - Page)
  3. Experience in performing SEO for a SAAS company

<aside> 💡 Remuneration


5 LPA to 7 LPA

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